Greek School

To help parents to teach our language to our younger generation and maintain our heritage, we operate our Greek Sunday School on the same days as our Orthodox services.

The School provides Greek education from Reception to GCSE level and is open to all children of our community.

Details of the School's Curriculum can be provided on request.

Term Times for Second Term:

January: 15/01/23, 29/01/23

February: 05/02/23, 12/02/23, 19/02/23

March: 05/03/23, 12/03/23, 19/03/23


We run 5 or sometimes 6 classes, based on pupils' age and abilities in the Greek language:


The School is directed and managed by our School Head, Dr. Stella Keramida. Dr. Stella Keramida and her team of teachers are all professionally qualified and experienced teachers, and have the support of the Ministries of Education of Cyprus and of Greece.

School Schedule

School Term

The School year has 3 Terms:

Term dates are usually announced to parents by email.

School Days

The School operates on our church premises during our Greek and English Orthodox Services:

Please note that there is no Greek nor English Orthodox Church Service and no Sunday School on the 4th Sunday of every month, which is reserved for Serbian services.

School Times

The School classes run from 11.00am until 13.15pm, with a break of 15 minutes from 12.00pm to 12.15pm.

Parents are encouraged to stay for the liturgy while their children are in class, as we try to co-ordinate the class finishing time to coincide with the end of the liturgy and in time for the children to take Holy Communion.

Volunteers and Funding

If you are willing to give your time and knowledge, we are always looking for volunteers to help our children to learn about their great heritage and culture.

We rely entirely on our community to fund the School, and we invite parents to consider a monthly voluntary contribution to help us to cover the costs.

If you are not a parent but would like to support us financially, we welcome your help with the costs of running the School.


All enquiries for Admissions, Curriculum, Volunteering, Funding, and any other, are welcome.

Please contact our School Head, Dr. Stella Keramida, during School hours or by e-mail: